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Ashwamedham Full Movie (2019) | 720p WEB-DL 700MB

Download Ashwamedham Full Movie Hindi Dubbed

Movie Details :

  • Full Name: ASHWAMEDHAM
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed
  • Released Year: 2019
  • Size: 700MB
  • Quality: 720p
  • Source: WEB-DL
  • Genres: Action
  • Cast: Dhruva Karunakar, Shivangi, Suman
  • Format: MKV
  • Subtitle: English


How do you defeat an opponent in a game of chess if he claims to read your mind and know your next move?In a world where no one is who they appear to be, Dhruva is an ordinary man who runs a chain of cyber cafés’. Or so it appears. What lies hidden about him is that he is an undercover agent working for the government in the anti-insurgency/terrorism prevention wing of RAW.When CBI gets information that an unprecedented attack on the digital economy of the country is being planned by a group of hackers in an attempt to cripple the country’s economy and take it, hostage, then to keep matters under wraps, the covert wing is activated. Aditya is one of the covert agents. During his investigation and attempts to sabotage the hacking plans, his opponents seem to be always outguessing his next move. To make matters worse, in the game of chess he is playing with an elderly gentleman (who claims to be a mere tailor), he is losing every single game. And the gentleman explains that perhaps he is able to read Aditya’s mind and know his next move; which may be why Aditya is unable to defeat him.How then, does our hero win the game of chess and out-wit the hackers? And how are these two tasks related? What big deception lies in store behind the game of the clash of minds and guts? And will he be able to protect his loved ones, the woman of his life and the apple of his eye, his eight-year-old niece? And who is this mysterious man who claims to be able to read minds? Can he really read minds, or is there a deeper reason behind his ability to win every game?



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